Newly employed Janne Iversen Huse have just finished her two months Internship period at Bene Agere, and have over the new year started working as a Results Analyst. She joined Bene Agere after graduating from BI Norwegian Business school, with a Master of Science (MSc) in Business with a major in Leadership and Change. She previously graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Administration at The University of Agder with an exchange semester at The University of California Berkeley, fall 2014.

In addition to her academic studies, Janne was as a member of SBIO Case Club, as well as working as a research assistant for a longitudinal leader project at BI. Furthermore, she has gained a broad experience from both Banking and Construction industries from her part-time job at Santander Consumer Bank and as an Intern at Backe as part of her MSc degree.

“Bene Agere appealed to me because of its combination of high ambition and wide range of clients, industries, and services, along with a distinct focus on strategy and business transformation. With a major and minor in respectively Leadership and Change, and Strategy, this resonated with my personal interest and convictions. Bene Agere’s learning culture, strong methodology and broad professional experience allows me to increase my understanding of complex business problems from diverse perspectives and develop new skills and experience as a young professional”.

Janne have just started working full-time with her first client in the technical facility and contractor industry, and describes her first months at Bene Agere as extremely educational and valuable.

“As a new employee at Bene Agere, I have been allowed to work with highly talented, supportive, and experienced business leaders and take part in several different projects from a variety of industries right from the start – from analyzing a client’s performance, preparing workshops with key players of a firm, to affecting change with top management – and I look forward to growing into my role in the team and adding to its success”.