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Sustainability is at a tipping point 

“When there is a tipping point
after a long and slow deveopment,
things will happen very quickly”

Key takeaway’s from Bene Agere’s Sustainability report

  • 70 executives, 180 hours of reflection, 2 executive roundtables; the message is clear.
  • Executives experience new influence and pressure from unconnected stakeholders at the same time;

“Future employees will not work with you. Banks will not fund you. Investors will shy you.”

  • And the list is longer.

“Responsible B2B and public customer will not buy from you. Insurers will not cover your risks. Future generations of B2C customers will not buy your products.”

  • The shift has been remarkably fast.

“Since last year… Since spring … Since August…”

  • The impact on business is profound. It is not only about reputation, it is commercial, affecting the company and the eco-system deep and wide.
  • As executives and sensemakers, they see a need to respond and act now. So should you.