By joining Bene Agere you will become part of a small and dynamic company. It gives you a unique opportunity for further development, professional as well as personal. In Bene Agere you will get exposure to various industries and the opportunity to be part of large transformation programs that gives young professionals broad expericience within various functions and levels of responsibility. You also get the opportunity to work with national and international customers. We have offices in four locations, but our customer engagements span from Asia to the Middle East, to Europe and the Americas.

You will work on projects in- and outside of Norway, within strategy, business development and transformation – with profiled companies and leaders.

You will be part of a social and active work environment with weekly workout sessions and yearly trips in- and outside Norway. Young Bene Agere (YBA) also arrange after-work get-togethers and dinners throughout the year.

You will be assigned a mentor that is responsible for your personal and professional development.


Ambitious leaders and companies are the best customers to work with in management consulting, and I have had the pleasure of working with several such customers since I joined the team in 2012. I have mostly worked with large business transformations, from strategy development to solution development and implementation. It is truly rewarding when you see the customers changing and adapting to something you were part of creating.

Being part of the Bene Agere team means being part of developing the company. I have had the chance to directly influence strategic choices and build a lot of structural capital, while working alongside great colleagues. My academic background is an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from NHH. I know that if you decide to join our boutique management consultancy you will never regret it.

Silje Holestøl, Partner, Joined the team in 2012

After graduating from NTNU with a master within Data technology in 2019 I began looking new ways to continue learning and developing myself. I chose to join Bene Agere to be part of a small and agile consulting company, where personal impact is decisive. Bene Agere gives me the opportunity to take on challenging task working closely with customers, creating a perfect platform for developing talent as a young professional.

My work in Bene Agere has exposed me to a number of exiting challenges applying across multiple industries. Together with my colleges in Bene Agere we apply our combination of experience and expertise to create solutions for our customers. This has given me crucial insights enabling further growth and responsibility.

Mads Bjørgan, Results Professional, Joined the team in 2019