Send your application with a cover letter, CV, transcripts, relevant work experiences and recommendations in a single PDF to career@beneagere.com.

The deadline for the Results Analyst position starting fall 2022 is as follows:

NTNU, 6th of September 2021 at 22:00

NHH and other schools, 13th of September 2021 at 22:00

The interview process

Our interview process consists of three phases. First, we conduct a quick screening interview where you are asked to present yourself and your background. Based on the screening interviews, we select a few candidates for a longer case interview. The cases will have both qualitative and quantitative features. The candidates who makes the best impression will be invited to a more profound interview with one of the partners in the company. The partner interview is important to test whether preferences, capabilities and wishes from the candidate and Bene Agere coincides.

In Bene Agere every employee plays an important role, and it is crucial that we find candidates that fit our profile and ambition. Likewise it’s important that the potential candidate is confident in what Bene Agere is, and that work methods and opportunities within the company coincides with the candidates wishes and plans for his/her career.

Before the first screening interview we want our candidates to think through how they want to present their resume and persona. This interview is designed to get to know the candidate.

For the second interview, the case interview, we propose the candidate practice solving cases. The interview will test your abilities for analytical thinking, structuring problems, reasoning of choices and assumptions, and your ability to make use of relevant methodologies and frameworks as well as your ability to present a solution.

For the third interview the candidate should be confident in what Bene Agere is, and should properly think through their preferences and capabilities.

Bene Agere will conduct first and second interviews the day after our company presentation at NTNU (6th of September, 2021) and NHH (13th of September). Other candicates will be contacted the week  after the application deadline.  

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