Future leaders Incubator

September 26th, 2019|Recruitment|

The Panoply are on a mission to shake up the boardrooms of tomorrow by supporting diverse entrepreneurial talent today. Working with the h Foundation, we are helping to develop Future [...]

Results Analyst starting fall 2020

August 15th, 2019|Recruitment|

By joining Bene Agere, you will become part of a small and dynamic company which gives you a unique opportunity for further development both professional and personal. Bene Agere [...]

Bene Agere søker økonomiansvarlig (deltid)

December 17th, 2018|Recruitment|

Bene Agere søker økonomiansvarlig (deltid) Bene Agere støtter ledere i å ta strategier og ambisjoner til målbare resultater. Selskapet ble etablert i 2005, har 13 medarbeidere og omsetter for ca [...]

6 months on the job – Engebreth Færden

October 9th, 2018|Recruitment|

Newly employed Engebreth Færden has just finished his first 6 months as a Results Analyst at Bene Agere. Engebreth joined our team after finishing his degree in Master of Science [...]

We are pleased to announce our new addition to the team, Thea Grosvold

September 19th, 2018|Recruitment|

We are pleased to announce our new Result Professional Thea Grosvold who joined the Bene Agere team in August 2018. Thea joins our team with two years of experience from [...]

We are pleased to announce our new partner at the Norwegian office, Shahzad Abid

January 5th, 2018|Press Release, Recruitment|

Shahzad brings with him more than 20 years of experience from management positions in technology,  telecom and digital infrastructure companies from high-growth markets in EMEA and APAC. His experience includes [...]

First two months on the job- Ingrid Leinum and Aksel Trygstad Lamache

November 6th, 2017|Press Release, Recruitment|

Ingrid Kristine Leinum and Aksel Trygstad Lamache have just finished their first two months as Results Analysts in Bene Agere. Both Ingrid and Aksel joined Bene Agere after graduating from [...]

Doing good, joyfully – Sports and teambuilding in Spain

May 9th, 2017|Recruitment|

Located at several international locations, Bene Agere has a global reach for its services. From our offices in Spain, Bene Agere work with ambitious leaders across industries to explore, design [...]

Two months on the job – Haakon Utby

November 8th, 2016|Press Release, Recruitment|

Newly employed Haakon Utby has just finished his first two months as Result Analyst in Bene Agere. Haakon joined Bene Agere directly after graduating from NTNU, with a master of [...]

Bene Agere seeks Results Analyst – starting fall 2017

September 12th, 2016|Recruitment|

Kickstart your career with immediate responsibility! Management consulting is an ideal way to start your career. It gives you a unique opportunity for further development, professional as well as personal. [...]