Future leaders Incubator

The Panoply are on a mission to shake up the boardrooms of tomorrow by supporting diverse entrepreneurial talent today. Working with the h Foundation, we are helping to develop Future Leaders for the digital industry

In order to be eligible for the programme you must be aged between 18-27 years old, be able to commute easily to Oslo and be able to commit full-time between October – December.

To apply visit http://bit.ly/2kiRz7j

Do you have an idea that you are looking to get off the ground? Do you have what it takes to be a business leader of tomorrow? We want to hear from you.

• Free desk space to work on your business for 2 months, for whenever you need it.
• A €200 weekly allowance to give you time to focus on your project
• A three day introductory training course in London (travel and accommodation included)
• Weekly professional development workshops
• A 1-1 careers coach and business mentor


Questions? hello@thepanoply.com

Results Analyst starting fall 2020

By joining Bene Agere, you will become part of a small and dynamic company which gives you a unique opportunity for further development both professional and personal.

Bene Agere is a leading consulting company established in 2005. We collaborate with ambitious leaders and organizations to develop and operationalize strategies. We are working to ensure that our clients reach their potential by delivering significant and sustainable performance improvements.

Through our methods, we orchestrate and support benefits realization within our clients most important areas of improvement. Our deliveries range from smaller stand-alone projects to large-scale business transformations.

In 2018, we became part of The Panoply – a cluster of small and medium sized companies emphasizing in digitalization. The collaboration gives us the opportunity to combine our expertise within strategy with the latest technology.

Bene Agere differs from other management consulting companies in how we work together with our client’s organization allowing them to be part of, and learn from, the entire transformation process. We operate with a method-based approach which allows us to work across all industries and functional areas.

What we offer:

By joining Bene Agere you will have the opportunity to work in an international environment while being exposed to various industries and clients. You will have the opportunity to work on large transformation programs which quickly gives young professionals a broad experience within various functions and levels of responsibility.

We seek candidates:

  • With an MSc, MBA or equivalent
  • Who are analytical, solution oriented, curious and energetic
  • With strong academic results
  • Who are fluent in Norwegian and English both verbal and written
  • Who are people-oriented and enjoy team work
  • Who has an interest in tech-related topics such as Business Intelligence (BI), Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – this is not required but beneficial

How to apply:

We look forward to receiving your application containing your resume, transcripts, motivation letter and relevant recommendations. Submit your application in a single PDF to career@beneagere.com. The deadline is as follows:

  • NTNU, NHH and all other institutions: 9th of September at 22:00

Applications will be reviewed continuously. The first round of interviews will be held within the same week of the application deadline.

If you have any questions, please contact Haakon Utby at 99 31 82 44 or Haakon.utby@beneagere.com

We look forward to receiving your application.

Bene Agere søker økonomiansvarlig (deltid)

Bene Agere søker økonomiansvarlig (deltid)

Bene Agere støtter ledere i å ta strategier og ambisjoner til målbare resultater. Selskapet ble etablert i 2005, har 13 medarbeidere og omsetter for ca 30 MNOK.

Vi holder til i Hydrobygget, Bygdøy Alle 2 i Oslo.

Økonomifunksjonen har hittil blitt ivaretatt av en av selskapets ledende medarbeidere. Bene Agere har vært med på å etablere The Panoply PLC, og fra 4.12.2018 er det vårt morselskap, notert på AIM på Londonbørsen. Dette krever at vi får en dedikert ressurs til funksjonen. Vi vet av erfaring at oppgavene kan løses med 1 dag per uke ved dagens volumer, men vi venter å vokse.

Oppgaver og ansvar er:

  • Budsjettering
  • Periodeavslutning og resultatrapportering, månedlig, til ledelse og styret
  • Årsavslutning, bonusberegninger
  • Prognostisering
  • Oppfølging av etterlevelse av selskapets rutiner
  • Controlling
  • Overvåke finansiering, likviditet, balanse, bank, fakturering, overtidregime og lønn
  • Eier av økonomifaglige prosesser og verktøy
  • Daglig relasjon bank
  • Utøvelse av rollen fordrer forståelse for IFRS.

Rollen vil rapportere til daglig leder i Bene Agere Norden AS med en linje til Chief of Staff i morselskapet. Vi har en rutinert administrativ medarbeider som vil støtte ved praktiske sider av økonomiarbeidet som kontering, oppfølging av time and expence, timeregistrering og fakturering.

Vi ser for oss å dekke rollen som økonomiansvarlig ved innleie av en som driver egen virksomhet eller ved en deltidsansettelse.

Vi planlegger å gå over til en ren skybasert bransjeløsning, og planlegging og implementering av dette vil kreve noe mer tid i en overgangsperiode.

Henvendelser om rollen kan gjøres til Lars Christian Torhaug på 911 95 707 eller Lars.Torhaug@beneagere.com .

Tiltredelse; snarest.

6 months on the job – Engebreth Færden

Newly employed Engebreth Færden has just finished his first 6 months as a Results Analyst at Bene Agere. Engebreth joined our team after finishing his degree in Master of Science in International Management at ESADE Business School in Barcelona. He previously graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Northern Illinois University (NIU). While studying, Engebreth was also a scholarship athlete competing at the highest college level for NIUs soccer team.

“I am very happy to have joined Bene Agere. Bene Agere appealed to my interest because of its diverse clients across various industries and its talented people with an entrepreneurial mindset. As a relatively small and agile consultancy company, Bene Agere is great place to develop different skillsets and make personal impact.”

Engebreth joined Bene Agere with more than 2 years of experience from Clarkson’s Platou Securities in Oslo, working with research within offshore and shipping.

“After a few months in Bene Agere I have been able to work closely with skillful and experienced people. Bene Agere`s positive and team-based approach has been highly motivating. Furthermore, I have been introduced to our holistic transformation processes, design sprints and different business intelligence tools among other things. My colleagues have been very helpful during my firsts few months, and I look forward to much continued learning and exposure to interesting clients and projects.”

We are pleased to announce our new addition to the team, Thea Grosvold

We are pleased to announce our new Result Professional Thea Grosvold who joined the Bene Agere team in August 2018.

Thea joins our team with two years of experience from working as a finance product controller at the Goldman Sachs` London office focusing on the European commodity markets, crude and metals. Thea graduated in 2016 with a dual bachelor’s degree in Finance and Account and a master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado, Boulder. While studying Thea was also a scholarship athlete competing for the Colorado ski team. During her final year in college, Thea completed a summer internship within the finance division at Goldman Sachs` Salt Lake City office focusing on the American commodity markets.

“I am proud to be part of the team at Bene Agere and look forward to working with a variety of clients in a positive and teambased work environment. Bene Agere is a small team with a variety of backgrounds and experiences which challenges good discussions and creative solutions for our clients. Bene Agere has an ambitious mindset promoting high but realistic goals, leadership and a continuous commitment to change.

“At first, Bene Agere strongly appealed to me because of its entrepreneurial mindset allowing for both personal and teambased achievements. Second, Bene Agere`s “critical thinking” and methodology promotes holistic transformation processes which allows us to not only solve problems for our clients but also help our clients understand how to unlock their potential. This I believe aligns well with my motivation and experiences from being an athlete and I look forward to contributing to our team`s success.”

We are happy to have Thea onboard and look forward to further collaboration.

We are pleased to announce our new partner at the Norwegian office, Shahzad Abid

Shahzad brings with him more than 20 years of experience from management positions in technology,  telecom and digital infrastructure companies from high-growth markets in EMEA and APAC. His experience includes being Marketing Director for Nokia Networks Middle East & Africa, VP Sales Telenor Conax,  CEO for Vestas-owned entity OCAS AS, and recently CEO for an industrial LED-company owned by the Höegh family. Shahzad is a member of the corporate assembly in Norsk Hydro, and has held board positions in various SMBs. His formal background is a Master of Science and a Bachelor in Economics from the Norwegian School of Management (BI), and a Bachelor in Social Science from the University of Oslo.

“We are very glad to announce that Shahzad is joining our team. Shahzad has a long standing reputation from top executive roles in telecom, high-tech, software, industrial infrastructure, lighting and wind energy. This has given him valuable experience within transformation to digital technologies, business strategy, change management, restructuring and M&A. He has a particularly strong growth experience and from working with customer, sales & marketing management. For Norwegian executives with international growth ambitions, his track record from international business expansions in markets like Europe, MEA, APAC and U.S. will make ham a valued advisor” says Managing Partner Pål Wæhle.

“I am pleased to join Bene Agere, which I see as a niche consultancy house with great capabilities and talented people, especially in strategy development and related implementation. With my background from management roles, I look forward to work with the team to support client CxOs to achieve their goals and implement measureable change and results.” says Shahzad

Bene Agere is an independent management consultancy based in the Nordics, with teams in the UK, Spain and USA. Our clients range from medium enterprises to global corporations. We work together with our customers to set and operationalize strategies, with a strong focus on implementation, results and learning. The leaders and organizations we work with recognize us for some distinctive capabilities:

  1. We enable organizations to predictably implement ambitions and strategies in order to achieve substantial results improvement.
  2. We build competences and shape the culture to strengthen the ability to continuously drive development and improvement.

For more information please contact one of our partners

First two months on the job- Ingrid Leinum and Aksel Trygstad Lamache

Ingrid Kristine Leinum and Aksel Trygstad Lamache have just finished their first two months as Results Analysts in Bene Agere. Both Ingrid and Aksel joined Bene Agere after graduating from The Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen (NHH). Ingrid took a major in Economics, while Aksel took a major in Finance.

At NHH, Ingrid was a board member in the organization, Global Economic Perspectives. In addition to her studies she also has experience from the aluminum industry, working at Hydro for several consecutive summers.

“I believe Bene Agere is a great place to start as a young professional. Working in a consulting firm is a great way to develop a wide set of skills, and the fact that Bene Agere is a relatively small firm with projects in several different industries really intrigued me. During my first two months I have had the opportunity to work on exciting projects alongside talented colleagues and I have already experienced a steep learning curve.”

In addition to his studies, Aksel served as the Head of Projects in the student consulting firm NHHS Consulting. He also has professional experience from sales management.

“I wanted to be part of the Bene Agere team, because of the responsibilities and opportunities working at a small consulting firm gives. I was especially tempted by the idea of working closely with ambitious business leaders across industries from the very beginning. After just two months at Bene Agere I have already been exposed to a wide set of different industries, and worked closely with partners and high level business leaders.”

Doing good, joyfully – Sports and teambuilding in Spain

Located at several international locations, Bene Agere has a global reach for its services. From our offices in Spain, Bene Agere work with ambitious leaders across industries to explore, design and deliver sustainable business transformations.

To promote and build a successful team with a passion for making a difference, the Barcelona office has started using physical workout as an instrument. They recently participated in the 12 km “Xletix challenge” obstacle race and once a week gathers for common training sessions such as boxing and CrossFit.

Promoting teambuilding activities and physical workouts strengthen the relationship among our consultants and partners, a part from committing our team to maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. We believe this support and manifest our mission: Bene Agere et Laetari – Do good, joyfully.

If you want learn more about the benefits of joining Bene Agere or what services our Barcelona office can provide, please email us at hr-spain@beneagere.com

Two months on the job – Haakon Utby

Newly employed Haakon Utby has just finished his first two months as Result Analyst in Bene Agere. Haakon joined Bene Agere directly after graduating from NTNU, with a master of science within marine technology. In addition to his studies, Haakon gained a broad experience from voluntary work as president of NTNUI and entrepreneurial work as partner in the student consulting firm Junior Consulting AS. He was also member of the board of directors at NTNU as a student representative.

“I chose to join Bene Agere to be part of a small and agile consulting company, where personal impact is decisive. Bene Agere gives me the opportunity to take on challenging task working closely with customers, creating a perfect platform for developing talent as a young professional” , Haakon says.

Haakon has joined the team from Bene Agere managing the launch of Digital Norway* – Toppindustrisenteret AS. Haakon’s role in the team is delivering facts and analysis to support decision making as well as contributing to coordination and execution a number of core activities to ensure constant progress.

Haakon continues; “Being given the opportunity to join the Bene Agere team working with Digital Norway kickstarted my two first months in Bene Agere. It has exposed me to a team of very experienced people from the largest corporations in Norway, being a great source of learning. The challenges we work with are crucial to solve for making Norwegian Industry competitive in a globalized and digitalized future. I hope to proudly look back at this work in my future career, contributing to the foundation for continued economic growth in Norway.”

Managing Partner, Pål Wæhle:

“We are very glad to announce that Haakon is joining the Bene Agere team. We are always looking for top talent and think that Haakon has proven himself with great achievements among his peers. He has been able to combine a complex technical education with strong complementary extracurricular activities, building a strong business foundation. Two months on the job, we see that it is a very strong foundation and we are certain that Haakon will be a key part in Bene Agere’s growth”


*Digital Norway is a joint initiative from Kongsberg Group, Telenor, Aker BP, DNV-GL, Schibsted, DNB, Ferd, Wilhelmsen, Statoil, Yara and Jotun, norwegian educational and research institutes as well as representatives from the Ministry of Trade. Digital Norway aims to drive technology adoption and business opportunities related to digitalization. Bene Agere has a central role, supporting Hilde Tonne and Walter Qvam in managing and facilitating the contributions from the owners, while driving  Digital Norway towards the launch in the spring of 2017.

Bene Agere seeks Results Analyst – starting fall 2017

Kickstart your career with immediate responsibility! Management consulting is an ideal way to start your career. It gives you a unique opportunity for further development, professional as well as personal. Bene Agere is different from most other management consultancies in how we work together with our client organisations, allowing them to be a part of the whole transformation process from beginning to end. Bene Agere is not limited by industry or functional specialisation; instead, we have a method-based approach that is proven to work across industry and functional boundaries.

We are present on NTNU September 14th and NHH September 26th.

For more information view our career page.

If you have any questions, please contact: Eirik Solli Haukaas 924 84 170

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