Located at several international locations, Bene Agere has a global reach for its services. From our offices in Spain, Bene Agere work with ambitious leaders across industries to explore, design and deliver sustainable business transformations.

To promote and build a successful team with a passion for making a difference, the Barcelona office has started using physical workout as an instrument. They recently participated in the 12 km “Xletix challenge” obstacle race and once a week gathers for common training sessions such as boxing and CrossFit.

Promoting teambuilding activities and physical workouts strengthen the relationship among our consultants and partners, a part from committing our team to maintain a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. We believe this support and manifest our mission: Bene Agere et Laetari – Do good, joyfully.

If you want learn more about the benefits of joining Bene Agere or what services our Barcelona office can provide, please email us at hr-spain@beneagere.com