The interest for our events was at an all time high in 2016! We hope to see You in 2017!

Working across industries and funcional areas in a large range of companies, we think it is important to share insights around business issues and trending topics where we find common denominators across our network. Since the start of Bene Agere we have done this through a mix of large scale events and more intimate peer to peer round table sessions. In 2016 the interest to participate was at an all time high, so we wanted to share a short summary of the different events, presenters and general information about participants:

Event Summary

Speakers & Contributors:

  • Jon Fredrik Baksaas (Telenor)
  • Sven Ombudstvedt (Norske Skog)
  • Aage Figenschou (Restrucuring Expert)
  • Jens Ulltveit-Moe (Professional Investor)
  • Walter Qwam (Kongsberggruppen, Digital Norway)
  • Hilde Tonne (Telenor, Digital Norway)
  • Olav Fjell (Professional Board Member & experienced CEO)
  • Odd Gleditsch (Jotun AS)
  • Maria Moræus Hanssen (ENGIE E&P)
  • Jan Eyvin Wang (Wilh. Wilhelmsen ASA)



  • 50+ Board members
  • 70+ CEOs
  • 80+ CxOs and Executives
  • 70+ Investors and Professional Service providers

A total of more than 270 people.

Thank you for your valuable insight and open minds!

Here’s what one of the participants at a leaderforum said:

“Bene Agere’s networking events are a great place to get updated on the latest trends in business, discuss leadership issues and get valuable insights and advice from peers in similar situations”

CEO large technical engineering company.

If you want to know more about some of the key insights from a particular event, or want to participate in our future events, please contact Marianne Graff Nesse at