Supporting an ambitious leader in his transition into the role as CEO

A new CEO in a leading Nordic software supplier to energy utilities saw the transition into the role as critical, but also an opportunity to start fresh and make needed changes in the organisation. In this process, he asked for support from Bene Agere.
Bene Agere facilitated the process towards important strategic decisions and shifts, helping prioritize information and thoughts in the hectic period, and facilitating workshops leading to a “change plan” and new strategic roadmap.
In the first workshops, the focus was on market view and potential to set the context for the transformation and get a feel for the market outlook. Further on we defined future state ambition through the performance / position / assets approach. To prepare for the discussion on gaps, we defined the AS IS situation and in the continuation of this facilitated a discussion on the gaps between AS IS and TO BE situation.
To finalize the delivery the most important gaps were structured and prioritized as a basis for development of a strategic roadmap.

 “Guidance and advice from a peer and experienced orchestrator of strategic change is of high value when structuring ambitions and plans for a company. The cooperation with Bene Agere provided something more than just this, as they facilitated a process that enabled me to be proactive already in my first three months as CEO”

The results were; an anchored change plan delivered and presented in board meeting, and approval from the board on all the suggested strategically important change initiatives.
Our key take-away from the project is that the first 100 days as a new CEO CAN and SHOULD be used as an opportunity to carry out major changes, and the Bene Agere framework is very well suited to facilitate this process.