Ingrid Kristine Leinum and Aksel Trygstad Lamache have just finished their first two months as Results Analysts in Bene Agere. Both Ingrid and Aksel joined Bene Agere after graduating from The Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen (NHH). Ingrid took a major in Economics, while Aksel took a major in Finance.

At NHH, Ingrid was a board member in the organization, Global Economic Perspectives. In addition to her studies she also has experience from the aluminum industry, working at Hydro for several consecutive summers.

“I believe Bene Agere is a great place to start as a young professional. Working in a consulting firm is a great way to develop a wide set of skills, and the fact that Bene Agere is a relatively small firm with projects in several different industries really intrigued me. During my first two months I have had the opportunity to work on exciting projects alongside talented colleagues and I have already experienced a steep learning curve.”

In addition to his studies, Aksel served as the Head of Projects in the student consulting firm NHHS Consulting. He also has professional experience from sales management.

“I wanted to be part of the Bene Agere team, because of the responsibilities and opportunities working at a small consulting firm gives. I was especially tempted by the idea of working closely with ambitious business leaders across industries from the very beginning. After just two months at Bene Agere I have already been exposed to a wide set of different industries, and worked closely with partners and high level business leaders.”