Global agriculture company in strong growth

– 10 months of partnering shaping the growth agenda to become a global player, unleashing the potential in core technology and developing adaptive operational plans/governance.

This agricultural company was in possession of industry-changing technology. They experienced growth, and new funding from investors enabled new investments.
The ambitions were clear, extraordinary growth from 20 to 250 MUSD in 4-5 years and a penetration of 10 % in all large global markets.
The process started out with identifying and working through key strategic questions and issues.
Further improved strategies and operational plans for core competencies and support functions were built. This process included bottom up analysis for current plans in each geography. Each geography was assisted in developing new concrete strategies and plans.
The process also included the development of a joint ambition with joint strategic prioritization from top management and middle management. Concrete operational plans with key milestones and activities over the next 2 years were formalized.
As to results, key strategic questions were identified and addressed at board, management and business unit Level. Concrete operational plans were developed with key deliverables, milestones, KPIs and new forms of resource allocation and prioritization. At the same time, key risks were identified and mitigations planned.
The project helped developing the organization, preparing them for extraordinary growth and penetration of new markets.
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