A holistic transformation program to improve bottom line for a leading Nordic technical entrepreneur and service company

Growth through acquisitions had led to fragmented work processes across the widespread organisation, leading to a weak EBT. The clear ambition for the endeavour we did together was a 5 % EBT margin across the company, while at the same time developing internal expertise in multi-local roll out of common work processes.
The transformation journey was kicked-off with quantitative analysis and dialogues with employees from all regions and levels in the organization. Best practice within the company was captured and strategic opportunities within effective sales, profitable project delivery, competence development and clear governance and results orientation were defined.
The subsequent implementation program was structured in three waves: 
Rapid actions and measures related to administrative order and tidiness.
Best practice within operational procedures and governance were identified and implemented across the different units.
Demanding initiatives that required a high degree of change and organizational maturity to secure an organization ready to take on further growth and development.

“We have cracked the code on how to ensure efficient roll-out of company-wide procedures and common ways of working in all 70 units. Close follow–up on leading performance indicators ensures fast actions and a culture for continuous improvements.”

This company is on track to reach their high ambitions through this major transformation process that was based largely on the organizations own competence. The new governance model has reinforced result oriented leadership – leading to a constant search for improvements and excellence in all areas.
Expertise in how to roll out continuous improvements to all local units will secure their continued success in the future. As value is created close to customers, change must take hold locally, in every Department.
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