From Red to Black towards Market Leadership

Three years of partnering, addressing strategy, operations, structure, financials and people across 50 locations country-wide to establish robust profit margins and growth.
A loss making company was bought by a Norwegian consolidation of companies. The new management took initial measures and wanted to accelerate the development of results, in cooperation with Bene Agere. The ambition of the program was to increase profits from -1 % to 3 % and increase sales by 10 %. The company was also determined to position themselves as number 2 in the market, and at the same time improve culture and employee satisfaction.
Together we shaped a three year program establishing a new vision for the company, shifting the focus toservice in addition to sales, creating a winning culture and professionalizing the import organization and the 50+ physical outlets in their multi-local distribution network.

… of the program, strategic opportunities were defined in governance, sales & marketing, work-shop efficiency, logistics, and headquarter operations. The business case established a profitable growth plan and priorities for the next 2 and 5 years.

mission, vision, values and employee satisfaction were addressed from the outset. The three waves of coached implementation across the different outlets focused on profitability, professionalism and top-service, while at the same time the company was trained in running their own improvement projects.

had primary focus on accelerated growth, expansion and customer value differentiation.

“I have never learned so much as fast as I have done through this partnership”


The organization experienced significant results from the program. EBITDA increased to a four times higher level than before, sales increased by 20%+. The company reached their market share targets moving up from number 4 to number 2 in the industry. Even though the organization implemented major changes, the employee satisfaction went up on 17 of 18 indicators.
The program also resulted in the start-up of a new strategic business unit, and the company as well as the CEO was voted best in the whole group consolidation.
The new vision, values, strategy and processes as well as the increased competence level in the organization, contributes to a further positive development and attainment of even higher goals in the future.
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