We are pleased to announce our new Result Analyst Peter Jan Svarstad who joined Bene Agere in September 2019.

Peter joins the team at Bene Agere after completing his studies at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Peter holds an MSC in Economics and Business Administration with an emphasis in Strategy and Finance from Norway’s leading business school.

“My motivation for joining the team at Bene Agere was two folded. Firstly, I wanted to work in a small and ambitious team where I knew I would be close to client’s operations and the challenges at hand. I saw this as a great opportunity to excel and develop together with other skilful co-workers. The fact that Bene Agere is growing as part of the Panoply family made the company even more appealing. Secondly, I found it interesting to have the opportunity to work with a variety of leading businesses in Norway and internationally.   

The impression I had of Bene Agere before joining the team has been strengthen after the first few weeks on the job. I have been very well received, and from the beginning I have been challenged with several exciting projects. I am looking forward to work with the rest of the team at Bene Agere and to gain insight into ongoing projects and challenges”.

We are pleased to have Peter onboard and look forward to upcoming projects!