After having framed and staged the strategy process, the next aspect of “CEO strategy best practise” is related to the shaping of insights.

We are currently in the time of the year where companies are in the midst of this.

This is the most engaging part for many management teams. It is to my experience also the aspect executives feel they are quite good at. At the same time it is, again according to my experience, the part they are most willing to engage external support to.

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During 2014 I have been 25 years in consulting. Some people say I must have learnt a lot working with top executives on their most pressing issues. That is true. Some of what I have learnt comes from working with them one on one, some from engaging them in surveys understanding their beliefs, their experience and how they resonate. I will share some of what I have learnt with you in a series of posts on linkedin.

– Pål Wæhle