This travel & tourism company has become truly global with market driven product and pricing models leading to profitability

– A transformation journey over five years to release the potentials in the organization.

After several mergers and heavy investments, the company needed to focus on top line growth as well as synergies across geographies and functions.The organization had ambitions to release the brand potential and become one global, industrialized and market oriented operation.
The company is listed, so they also had ambitions of being an attractive investment.

The ambitions were approached with three main transformation initiatives:

The first initiative, aimed at top line growth, focused on strengthened sales management, market driven product development and professionalized revenue management as well as consistent customer experience by standardized procedures and improved collaboration across geographies.
The second initiative was aimed at cost reductions, focusing on restructuring of all sales areas, establishing global shared functions within reservations, product and marketing management and streamlined corporate and administrative support.
The third initiative focused on streamlined customer processes including quality improvements in all touch points with the customer’s throughout their process from interest to book a journey to their boarding on the ship.
This involved implementing smoother internal work processes with clear interfaces and focus on roles and responsibilities to meet customer expectations. The three transformation initiatives delivered substantial results in terms of top line growth and reduced cost base.
The transformation journey released latent potential in the organization and developed a strong platform for future success.

“We did it ourselves, but you enabled us to do it”

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