Newly employed Haakon Utby has just finished his first two months as Result Analyst in Bene Agere. Haakon joined Bene Agere directly after graduating from NTNU, with a master of science within marine technology. In addition to his studies, Haakon gained a broad experience from voluntary work as president of NTNUI and entrepreneurial work as partner in the student consulting firm Junior Consulting AS. He was also member of the board of directors at NTNU as a student representative.

“I chose to join Bene Agere to be part of a small and agile consulting company, where personal impact is decisive. Bene Agere gives me the opportunity to take on challenging task working closely with customers, creating a perfect platform for developing talent as a young professional” , Haakon says.

Haakon has joined the team from Bene Agere managing the launch of Digital Norway* – Toppindustrisenteret AS. Haakon’s role in the team is delivering facts and analysis to support decision making as well as contributing to coordination and execution a number of core activities to ensure constant progress.

Haakon continues; “Being given the opportunity to join the Bene Agere team working with Digital Norway kickstarted my two first months in Bene Agere. It has exposed me to a team of very experienced people from the largest corporations in Norway, being a great source of learning. The challenges we work with are crucial to solve for making Norwegian Industry competitive in a globalized and digitalized future. I hope to proudly look back at this work in my future career, contributing to the foundation for continued economic growth in Norway.”

Managing Partner, Pål Wæhle:

“We are very glad to announce that Haakon is joining the Bene Agere team. We are always looking for top talent and think that Haakon has proven himself with great achievements among his peers. He has been able to combine a complex technical education with strong complementary extracurricular activities, building a strong business foundation. Two months on the job, we see that it is a very strong foundation and we are certain that Haakon will be a key part in Bene Agere’s growth”


*Digital Norway is a joint initiative from Kongsberg Group, Telenor, Aker BP, DNV-GL, Schibsted, DNB, Ferd, Wilhelmsen, Statoil, Yara and Jotun, norwegian educational and research institutes as well as representatives from the Ministry of Trade. Digital Norway aims to drive technology adoption and business opportunities related to digitalization. Bene Agere has a central role, supporting Hilde Tonne and Walter Qvam in managing and facilitating the contributions from the owners, while driving  Digital Norway towards the launch in the spring of 2017.