UP, Bene Agere’s networking event for young professionals, was hosted for the sixth time this January. The 56 participants from different industries discussed with great enthusiasm “How to succeed with innovation in established companies”. Why is this so demanding? How do you approach innovation in your company? Is there a recipe for success? This topic drew a lot of interest, and the participants contributed to further highlight the challenges and best practices for innovation in established companies.

We also asked the participants for their first association with the word “Innovation”. The result has been assembled in the wordcloud displayed in this article. The most frequent associations were “Creating something new”, “Thinking in a new way”, “Improvement” and “Change”. We also heard “Leadership”, “Collaboration”, “Demanding”, and “Messy”, words that confirm some of the challenges we know companies face.

Young Bene Agere (YBA) would like to thank all participants for making this evening a success and hope to see more new faces at the next event! Read more about earlier versions of UP.